Epic Systems Support Services

If you are like most small businesses you’ll have built your IT infrastructure and solutions piece by piece. And it will be managed all over the place. So when you need to make a change to improve your business systems you’ll find you need to talk to two or three different suppliers and try to coordinate the changes.

Similarly, if something goes wrong, you will face the hassle of deciding which provider to contact – in effect you’ll have to diagnose the problem before you even contact your providers as they will always be able to say “that’s not our bit; you need to talk to ….” as you get passed from pillar to post.

Epic can consolidate all your IT needs in one place – a friendly local business that is easy to contact, has a long term professional record and the wide range of experience to assist with all your IT needs.

With Epic on your side one phone call will be all you need.

Our Specialisations

Small Business Servers

Microsoft SBS 2003 and newer

Systems Implementation

A complete new system or additions

System Maintenance

All the background work to keep your system running well

Software Upgrades

Keep your systems up-to-date.

Security and Patching

Keep the bad guys away from your resources.

Data backup services

Very important and not to be left to amateurs!


Inter and intra office networking

Anti-virus and spyware solutions

Use a professional and get this right.

Spam Filtering

Internal & external solutions to shut down this annoyance.

System Health Checks

We will review and advise on your setup.

Standard desktop operating environments

All your PCs run identically.