• Graham: Technical
    Graham is our technical lead. Yes, he is rather a nerd but every company needs one. Away from his keyboard and monitor he looks at stars and tries to remember how to sail.
  • Lynne: Design
    Lynne looks after design and development of our sites except on Monday mornings when she will be found on the golf course.
  • Blossom: Security

    The company's Chief Security Officer, ever watchful, not much gets past Little Miss Blossom (well, nothing smaller than a beetle for sure).

  • Buddy: Entertainment

    Yes he is very amusing . He has a dual role in our company not only is he the entertainment but also assists Blossom in the Security detail. No matter how late he is to the party he always gets there in the end.

  • Naomi: Accounts
    Naomi is an interesting mix of creativity and practicality - she loves numbers and draws up a storm.
  • Gemma: People
    Gemma loves contracts and people! Her people skills are renowned. As is her ability to hang upside down from a large variety of strange objects.