Why we chose to use DNN

Technology You Can Trust

The DNN® Platform, formerly known as the DotNetNuke® Community Edition is an open, extensible, secure, and scalable content management system that hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world use as their website authoring environment. 

Large Companies,  Government agencies, Small business and clubs of all forms everywhere depend on DNN®. 

Over the last 10 years, DNN® has proven that it is a trustworthy and reliable platform that you can build your business on.

Why trust DNN as a CMS

DNN® Platform is an open source web CMS and the foundation of every professional DNN® solution. Over 800,000 organizations worldwide have built websites powered by the DNN® Platform.

The Open Source DNN® Platform provides flexibility and freedom for you and your business.


The DNN® Platform can scale to meet almost any business need. Whether your site is serving hundreds, thousands or millions of users DNN® has proven time and again that it can meet the challenge.


The DNN® Platform was built to be extensible. Almost any feature of the platform can be swapped out. Build your own custom extensions or choose from thousands already built.


The DNN® Platform has a strong track record when it comes to security. The Platform undergoes dozens of security scans and audits by customers and partners around the globe who work with our security team to ensure we pass even the most stringent security requirements.